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Our media legal advisors brings together experts in IP, media law, commercial litigation and creative and legal disputes.



1813 is a Creator first rights management and legal representation company bridging the gap between creatives and opportunities.

In an era where countless methods exist for sharing original music, it's paramount for musicians to prioritise safeguarding their legal rights at all times.

With experience representing public figures such as artist and musicians, as well as individuals and organisations in commerce and industry, we have gained recognition for our high-profile cases and unwavering dedication to advocating for our clients.

Our media law legal representatives assist clients with matters including:

  • Intellectual property disputes

  • Copyright litigation

  • NFT (Non-Fungible Token) issues

  • IP Dispute Resolution

  • Brand Protection

  • Media & Publishing

  • Creative & Copyright

We also connect our clients with the right music services in creative, legal and administrative, we also act as representation in submitting your creative work to opportunities and managing the music industry eco system that causing difficulty in navigating.

"We are committed to our vision
to building the very best opportunities and legal representation for our clients."

Digital social media

Distribute your music, maximize your reach and earn more.

Get the most out of your music with our technology, music distribution network, royalty management, music monetization services, and music promotion.

Since 2006, we have worked with independent artists, labels, and managers to build and grow their brands and businesses. You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help.

Music App

Maximize Your Revenue Collection

We will ensure that anyone using your content is properly actioned. From monetisation to takedowns all the way to ensuring that your composition income is being properly collected.

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Publishing Administration Service

Are you a songwriter or composer without a publishing deal? 1813 is proud to offer publishing administration services through our partner, Sentric. We can optimise your royalty income by collecting performance and mechanical royalties via our direct relationships with publishing collectives worldwide.

Headphones and sheet music

Fingerprinting Sites

Platforms such as ACRCloud, Audible Magic, and Pex Attribution Engine monitor numerous platforms for iterations of catalog. 1813 delivers to these in order to maintain the best “big data” picture of releases across the industry and gain advantage for protection of IP, and to maintain the most thorough monetisation strategies available.


YouTube Content ID

Symphonic will protect, monitor, and monetize your sound recordings and publishing catalogs on YouTube. We also claim user-generated iterations (UGC) to maximize earnings on your content.

Fitness App

Facebook & Instagram

1813 will protect, monitor, and monetise your sound recordings and publishing catalogs on YouTube. We also claim user-generated iterations (UGC) to maximise earnings on your content.

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