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The playlist is the most powerful medium in music. Streaming music companies spend millions developing algorithms and hiring teams of curators to create them, millions of people tap play on them each day.


We get your music heard by independent and Editorial music curators on m Spotify, which now has a total of 217 million monthly active users, 100 million of which are paid subscribers.


The popularity of the platform means that Spotify playlist promotion is now a very important way for artists to share their music and achieve popularity. Placement within a popular playlist can really boost an artist’s profile and help them share their music with a wider audience.


We are very proud to offer access to incredibly popular playlists with over 47,000 playlists and 65m+ combined followers.

Spotify Playlist Pitching (4week campaign)

  • We get your music heard by music curators on Spotify, with over 47,000 playlists and 65m+ combined followers.

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